Anonymous asked:

15/F I have social anxiety, anxiety, insomnia, I think slight depression. I am also socially awkward. I have gone through some traumatic things in my life at a young age involving my immediate family. I also have like self hatred. If that makes sense? People used to bully me a lot and I started believing them. Why would so many people say it if it isn't true? Now I call myself fat and ugly all the time. Honestly I'm trying to get better withs everything but idk how.

aplaceforthesoul answered:

because friend, people are dumb and rude and very entitled ): we are taught that we are important but in all the wrong ways - people are so self-important and feel that their way of thinking or opinions is how everyone should feel, people feel that opinions are fact and everyone needs to hear about them (even if it’s not nice and super rude). lots of people might have said the same thing because they’re sheep, because they jump on a bandwagon, because they’re scared to stand up to bullies and to have their own opinions.

what people say about you, the people who bully you? they’re cowards, that’s all there is to it. people’s opinions are subjective, why should you believe it? they’re nasty words coming from people who don’t know you, care about you or respect you! and it’s just not worth thinking about, they’re not worth thinking about. 

but you’re trying to get better!!! and that’s a huge step in the right direction, be proud of yourself for that c: talk to your counsellor at school ok or a teacher that you feel comfortable with, having support from adults is going to help you a lot. learning to love yourself isn’t easy, but it can be done. seeking some qualified help though will definitely go a long way in the right direction, don’t be afraid to speak up about things and to be honest about how you’re feeling (it’ll help). surround yourself with caring people, only listen to negative comments if they’re coming from people who know you and care about you. it’s going to be hard at times, but you can work through this <3

- tash